SC Tech Service | Monday, 09 December 2019
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SC Tech Service is a computer and networking service company located in Southern Orange County, California.  We out-source technical professionals that specialize in specific areas of the computer industry.  This enables us to provide our clients with a variety of services, such as on-site troubleshooting & repair, walk-in repairs, network planning & documentation, design and construction of budget-level through corporate-level file servers, and several levels of maintenance service plans.  Our primary demographic focuses on small to mid-size businesses and organizations.
We pride ourselves on not only delivering the professional results you expect, but also being efficient, systematic, accountable and easy to work with.  As opposed to independent technicians or your office "computer guy", SC Tech Service maintains an experienced staff of technicians and offers an easily accessible office location for pick-up and drop-off services.  By choosing an IT service provider with an experienced  support staff, our clients have a much better chance of their needs being taken care of in a consistent, timely fashion.

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