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Warranty Terms

Service work warranty is provided at our discretion for a period of 30 calendar days for accounts in good standing. No warranties, express or implied, will apply after this period.

Warranty service will be provided as quickly as possible, schedule permitting. If additional service for the same problem is required within the period the labor portion only will not be charged. Warranty service does not cover "look & feel" or software configuration issues.

~SC Tech Service does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of any system or equipment~

Warranty service doesn't include failures caused by, and not limited to:

  • User Errors

  • System Modifications

  • Accidents, misuse or neglect

  • Unsuitable operating environment

  • Service by anyone other than SC Tech Service

  • Parts or software provided by outside parties

  • Unstable or corrupted Hardware or Software

  • Natural disasters or “acts of God”

*Terms subject to change without notice




  • Hours are calculated to the nearest quarter hour

  • Minimum 1-hour labor charge within Orange County

  • Minimum 2-hour labor charge outside the Local Area

  • Minimum 4-hour labor charge for trips requiring overnight stay (domestic)

  • Minimum 8-hour labor charge for trips requiring overnight stay (international)

  • A 1-hour charge will be billed for early cancellation (24 hour notice please)

Software Policy:

SC Tech Service does not use, sell, support, donate or offer in any way unlicensed (pirated) software. Open-source, free-ware and share-ware programs such as Firefox, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, etc., are available online for free. Some of these programs may require registration.

SC Tech Service will install one application of your choice during standard bench service at no charge, as long as the software is properly licensed. For multiple software installations, a nominal installation fee will be applied. This fee does not apply for On-Site services. Uncommon, discontinued, proprietary or corporate-use applications usually require more time for installation and configuration. This software genre is usually business oriented (Ex: Accounting, CAD, CRM, ERP, POS, etc.).

Examples of software/applications that may not qualify for free installation during bench work:

  • Accounting: QuickBooks, Peachtree, Others

  • CRM/ERP: Enterprise-level business management software (Oracle, Sunbelt, Etc.)

  • Design: Programming, Graphic, Audio/Video, CAD, etc.

  • Contact Management: ACT!, Point (Calyx), MS Exchange

  • POS: Point-of-sale software

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